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life coaching for healthy lifestyle change

Individual Coaching Services

You're probably here because something about your life just isn't working for you anymore, and you're feeling exhausted in a very physical, emotional, and spiritual way. Where to go from here? Let's start that journey together, with you at the wheel, and me cranking up the tunes in the passenger seat. 

    What we'll do together:

    Identify your true needs and values--and where your life might be misaligned from them.

    Pinpoint specific action steps to get you feeling more energized and engaged on a daily basis.

    Develop sustainable healthy habits for emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience.

    Leverage your natural strengths to impact the world in your own unique way.

    Engage (or re-engage) in your passions.

    Adjust your routines and environments so you can feel your best.

    What you'll get:

    • Six 45-minute coaching sessions (via phone/Skype), so we'll have enough time together for you to start seeing results
    • A safe, nonjudgemental space to get clear and take steps toward a more healthy & meaningful life
    • Follow-up e-mail after each session to keep your insights, goals, and next action steps front-and-center
    • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions (for full-price packages only), which means you'll never be alone as you make important changes in your life 
    • Someone who believes in your resilience and resourcefulness, no matter what!

    I love working with caring, creative women like yourself. Maybe the world has told you that being an empath or introvert isn't quite an asset in this day and age, but listen to me: you are not "too sensitive" to live a life of impact or to be the quiet force of nature that you truly are. It's scary to show your true self to the world, but it's even more painful to keep yourself hidden.

    You don't have to go it alone. Fill out the interest form below to get started.



    What is coaching?

    Life coaching is a partnership that helps people explore strategies for reaching their full potential. One person (the coach) asks open-ended questions, and the other person (the client) is challenged to come up with creative solutions to move toward the life she wants. While coaching can be a very reflective or emotional process, it's NOT therapy. Coaches do not treat mental health diagnoses or process past traumas. Instead, we help you take action so you can clarify and make real progress towards your goals.

    How is a coaching session with Diana like?

    A coaching session with me will feel like an informal but deep conversation. At the beginning of every session, I'll ask you what you'd like support with that day. I'll steer our conversation by asking empowering questions, pointing out observations, and gently interrupting unproductive streams of thought (with your permission). I may also suggest "challenges" for you to do before our next session, usually in the form of action steps related to what we talked about that day.

    I limit advice-giving because I fully trust in and respect your capacity to find truths within yourself. I'm here to create safe space, challenge you to access your resilience and wisdom, and keep you accountable. I'm not here to save you or tell you what to do, because a bossy friend or family member (wink) is probably already trying to do that!

    Regardless of what we talk about during a session, expect to dig deep... but also expect to laugh! I've often been described as open-minded, compassionate and thoughtful. But creativity and play are super important to me too, so expect these elements to lighten up the emotional stuff from time-to-time! My approach seems to resonate especially well with other creative introverts.

    How do I know if coaching is right for me?

    Can you relate to any of these scenarios? You aren't happy with your current situation and want to make a change, but talking to friends or family about it is unhelpful or awkward. You want clarity about your goals, values, and next steps. You want a trustworthy person to hold you accountable for making lifestyle or habit changes, but you don't want this person to be personally invested in your life. You've worked through past trauma or mental health challenges with a therapist, and are now ready to move forward in a healthy way. You are feeling stuck, vulnerable, or confused and simply want a safe space to figure things out!

    Basically, if you're ready and able to take consistent, positive action towards a new-and-improved life (even if you're not sure what those next actions should be), let's talk!

    How much?

    The numbers:

    • PROMOTION FOR FIRST-TIME CLIENTS: $267 for a package of 6 sessions* (save 50%)
    • $534 for a package of 6 sessions* ($89 per session)

    *All packages are non-binding and can qualify for prorated money back. Unlimited e-mail support between sessions is only available for full-price packages.

    The ROI / long-term benefits to your life: 

    • Save time: instead of fumbling around by yourself for months or years, let me help you stay focused, accountable, and supported--so you can start living the life you're meant to live a.s.a.p.
    • Have more energy for what's most meaningful to you: your loved ones and your passion projects.
    • Start contributing to the world in a way that's true to who you are.
    • Feel and act like your true self: playful, powerful, and purposeful.

    Fill out the interest form above if you're ready to start living the life you're meant to live.

    Thank you for reading this far down, and for sharing your time with me! It would be an honor to work with you.

    All my love,