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Your work isn't just for paying the bills. It’s how you show the world what matters to you most.

At least, that's what you tell yourself as you're busting your buns to make the world a better place in your non-profit job.

And to a certain extent, it’s rewarding. You appreciate the smiles and the (very) occasional “thank you”s. You know that what you’re doing is important, and you even kinda sorta think it’s fun sometimes.  

But here’s the thing: even though you’re proud of what you do, it doesn’t really light you up.

In fact, it’s draining you of your time, energy, and well-being - and you’re not sure how much longer you can hold out. There’s not a whole lot to show for all your effort and you wonder if you’re even the best person for the job.

One question keeps nagging the back of your mind, filling you with doubt:

Is this worth all the stress?

You hope your good intentions will pan out in the end, but you don’t have a crystal ball.

So you try to ease the exhaustion and doubt with “self-care”. You start doing yoga, journaling, meditating, and reading all the self-help books under the sun. You light aromatherapy candles when you get home, exercise three times a week, and brew ayurvedic tea. You try and try and try for months, or even years.

But no matter how much self-care, self-help, and new hobbies you pile onto your life, you still can’t shake that chronic exhaustion and secret emptiness.

Your mind tells you that this is just how adulthood is. But your heart, soul, and body are telling you that…

This. Ain’t. It.

Some part of you knows that you’re meant for more than just perpetual exhaustion, self-sacrificing for the greater good, and feeling lukewarm about your daily life.

I get it.


Four years ago, I was burning myself out as a direct service provider in the nonprofit world.

“I have no right to complain,” I thought. “No one else seems to be burnt out or wanting more out of their life. There must be something wrong with me; I must be broken.”

I stuck it out for two more years, but all the self-care workshops and quirky “side-projects” in the world could not save me from the neverending cycles of burnout and that sense of disconnect from my true purpose.

That’s when I realized I was never going to thrive by doing what everyone else was doing.

I am a highly sensitive introvert, and I had no choice but to accept that truth if I was to ever start contributing to the world from a place of joy, a place of plenty.

After a few more years of trial-and-error, bouncing between 4 different jobs, and loads of odd looks from my colleagues and loved ones, I redesigned my entire lifestyle - on my own terms.

My daily life now has “Diana” written all over it.

It is spent on work that energizes me and showcases my natural strengths: writing, playing with “big picture” ideas, and building genuine connections with inspiring people who I know are benefiting from my efforts.

Chronic stress and exhaustion are now distant memories: no more falling asleep on commutes home, no more anxiety-induced headaches and nausea, and no more wondering if all this stress is even worth it!

When you know how to give your best self to the world, you will naturally serve your true purpose in the most powerful way.


The good news is that anyone can reach this level of fulfillment and energy in their daily life. Yes, even ladies like us, who appear quiet on the outside but are bursting with creative vision on the inside.

The world is waiting for you to step into yourself as the quiet force of nature that you truly are!

introducing project radiance, 
my signature program for the big-hearted introvert
who knows that she's meant for more than just the daily grind.

Project Radiance is a 6-week online program for overcoming burnout and uncovering your quiet strengths so you can finally take the next step towards your true purpose in a way that lights you up.

First, we’ll work together to take control of exhaustion and stress, once and for all.

They’re keeping you totally stuck in a life that you already know isn’t working for you, and you won’t be able to move forward until you start feeling better.

This is where you’ll learn how to dole out your precious energy to the people and projects that matter MOST, and start doing self-care that’ll actually work for the long haul… because whatever you’re doing right now isn’t working!

Then, we’ll acknowledge the badassery that you already have inside of you.

This will banish any fears about being "too quiet" or "too sensitive" to pursue your dreams or make a bigger impact on the world.

You’ll learn how to tap into your natural strengths and passions to excel at your work on your own terms - because, really, that’s the only way you can truly excel.

Finally, you’ll create a road map towards the vibrant life you want and deserve, with step-by-step guidance and loving support from me.

This is where you’ll use everything you’ve learned about yourself to finally take action on the passion project or big life shift that’s been sitting on your heart for months or even years.

Project Radiance will help you to take that next step towards your true purpose by working with - and not against - your innate gifts as a sensitive, creative, and introverted woman.

In summary, you’ll walk away from this program with:

  • Relief from exhaustion, burnout, and neverending stress… finally!

  • So much confidence in your own badassery that fear and self-doubt become irrelevant

  • An action plan to create a life that has YOU written all over it, where you are free to use the full potential of your authentic strengths, personality, and passions.

what's included, you ask?

When you join Project Radiance, you will get all of these goodies:

  • A virtual welcome packet that will set you up for success right from the get-go: tips for following-through, all the resources you’ll need in one place, and a juicy intake questionnaire to help me get to know you and to help us refine your goals.

  • A 1-hour intensive where we'll zero in on the exact priorities or action items to tackle during our 6 weeks together so you can get the most impactful results possible. This is also a time when I'll get a deep understanding of your story, so I can guide you to create your next steps in an authentic way.

  • 6 weekly curriculum videos, packed into potent 10-15 minute morsels. This curriculum will give you the structure you need to take consistent, focused action. They will challenge you to let go of beliefs and habits that are weighing you down, and to start doing simple everyday things that energize you instead. Some of the topics you'll dig into include:

    • Why your impact on the world depends on the wellness principles discussed in this program

    • How to prioritize your time and energy as a purpose-driven and highly sensitive introvert 

    • The only 2 strategies you need for a healthy mind, spirit, and social life

    • Why you should re-think your environment as a primary tool for well-being

    • How to leverage your superpowers as an introverted and intuitive woman

  • Weekly funsheets: Humans learn, get clarity, and create momentum through action! These funsheets will help you dig deep and apply the curriculum videos to your own life or situation, so that you can literally start putting your ideal future down on paper instead of just thinking about it. This is where the rubber meets the road.

  • 6 x 30-minute coaching calls:  It can feel scary, awkward, or lonely when you’re trying something new or doing life in a new way, and my goal is to help you get a whole lotta results with as much love and as little discomfort as possible. Each coaching session is a safe space for setting up systems, defining action steps, getting accountability, and lining up resources so you can feel supported and successful, every step of the way. Even though this program includes a structured curriculum, we will always customize each coaching session according to what you need most in the moment. You are the boss.

  • Unlimited email support:  You are never alone! I’m here to encourage you, troubleshoot with you, and celebrate with you - even between our weekly calls.

I’ve crafted this program so you can free yourself from cycles of burnout, learn how to use your assets in the most powerful way, and take the next right step towards a life that will allow you to thrive as the change maker or healer that you are.

Schedule a free call with me to get your questions answered and to make sure this program is right for you.

you have the power.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already spent years settling for a daily life that depletes you and leaves you wanting more. After all, we’re strong, resilient women who are maybe too good at sticking it out for the sake of others!

But I also want you to know that you have the power to make a choice right now to not settle for more of the same old thing:

... endless trial-and-error with new hobbies, self-care, and self-help in a desperate attempt to make yourself feel better.

... giving all your energy to a cause or mission that you’re not even sure is meant for you.

... sacrificing your own needs to not let others down… but also feeling like you’re letting yourself down by staying in this situation.

You are meant for more than this. You are here, reading these words, because you know deep down that there’s a mismatch between you and the life you’re living. It ain’t it!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Anaïs Nin

If you're ready to blossom into your best self (the self that you're REALLY meant to be), click the button to apply for Project Radiance right now.



  • How do I know if Project Radiance is right for me?

Making a difference and living a meaningful life is non-negotiable for you.

You’re constantly exhausted from spending the bulk of your time helping others. 

You’re secretly unfulfilled; you’re scared that your true calling is passing you by.

You are an intuitive and introverted person - but aren’t sure how to use this as a strength and may even see this as a liability sometimes.

You don’t feel like you’re making a big enough impact and pretending to be an extrovert ain’t workin’.

You feel painfully stagnated in your life, but none of your friends or family “get” why this is such a big deal to you.

You are ready to stop living a life that was meant for someone else and start creating one that is uniquely you.

  • How do I know if Project Radiance is NOT for me?

You’ve already decided that you want to “ride it out” and are not looking to change your lifestyle anytime soon.

You just need a place to vent.  

You want someone to tell you what you should do, or what the single “right choice” is.

You think you’ve already found your purpose and already have all the resources and support you need to achieve it.

  • What’s the financial investment for Project Radiance?


  • I’m not sure if I need a whole program to figure out my sh*t. Can’t I figure this out on my own?

Sure. After all, I figured it out on my own. It’s been a long, lonely road of trial and error. 

But YOUR road to well-being and fulfillment does not have to be long nor lonely!

My goal is to give you a loving shortcut to your Next Right Step - one that’s fully aligned with who you are and how you thrive - so you can start living your most purposeful, vibrant life right away.

Ultimately, you’re the expert on yourself and your own life; I’m here to ask the tough questions and give the expert support you need to tap into your truths pronto, so that you don’t have to waste another year living a life that wasn’t meant for you.

the world is waiting for you
to step into the life that's truly meant for you.

Imagine this:

Walking into work every morning with joy, energy, and confidence that this is what you're meant to do AND that you're the best person for the job.

Having the energy for dinner parties on the weekends again and, instead of your usual gripe fest, you’re inspiring your friends with success stories about the good people you serve and the creative projects you've started.

Being fully present on date nights with your sweetheart and on playdates with your nephew - without worrying about all the icky things you don’t want to deal with tomorrow.

Curling up on the couch with an expensive glass of wine in the evening, toasting to yourself: 

Cheers, boss lady. You did it. You had yet another awesome day, helping tons of people and having tons of fun while being your goofy self at the same time. This is the awesome life you’ve created for yourself. You’ve made it, baby.

Underneath all that exhaustion, I know this to be true:

You are radiant.


Ready, boss lady?

It's time to uncover your best self so you can finally start changing the world in your own unique way - just as you were born to do.